Thursday, October 6, 2016

Left alone with fruit and vegetables.

I recently burned the onions when I wasn't paying attention a couple times, so I've been making sure I stayed in the kitchen and watched them while they cook.  There's also been a lot of produce around, this is right next to the west window of the kitchen and lately this happens just before sunset when the sun is streaming in, and of course, there's usually a pinhole camera sitting on the kitchen table.

It all started with this odd arrangement on an ear of corn.

Of course a lot of this produce is getting chopped up with some extra left over.

They come in all sizes and colors

You can photograph them from either side.

They often sit in this bowl for a while.

In various combinations.

And some you have to handle very carefully.

All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame.

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