Monday, October 8, 2018

From f295: The Nation's Capitol

f295 was an international discussion forum begun and administered by Tom Persinger. Originally just about pinhole photography, it expanded into all kinds of alternative methods. It was active from 2004 until 2015 but it remains on-line. Recently it disappeared from the web for a few days, and that prompted me to decide to reprise some of my favorites here at Pinholica, for backup if no other reason. 

Since I'm in the middle of a roadtrip to the East coast to see historic sites and explore museums, coverage of this visit to Washington D.C. seems like an appropriate recollection, originally posted on  November 2, 2011.

Sarah and I went on a vacation by ourselves, not with or visiting Andy or other relatives for the first time since 1982.

Sarah checking on the internet one last time before getting on the airplane.

The view out my window on the airplane- Ohio, I think.

Our first day, of course, was spent in the National Gallery, which has a nice little dining room,

Our hotel was just north of the Capitol so we walked by this scene twice a day.

A closer shot of the east side. Kinda reminded me of the Orangerie at Versailles

One of the famous cherry trees on the Capitol grounds

The Lincoln Memorial is jam packed with people all the time, but if you just walk around the colonnade to the sides or back, you're completely alone. Here looking down the side to the Washington Monument.

I've been having great fun at Mosquito Hill putting the camera in the shadow of a tree and shooting back toward the sun, so I thought I'd try that with the Washington Monument. I'm surprised someone hasn't marked the hours on the lawn of the National Mall with this giant gnomon in the middle. Maybe they have and I didn't notice. It's a pretty big space.

At the foot of the Lunar Excursion Module. I was holding my desktop tripod up against a railing so not the steadiest of shots, but it adds a little dynamism to the scene.

Actually one of my favorite things in the Air and Space Museum was a photograph of sorts - one of Hubble's (the guy, not the telescope) spectra of a galaxy. Much smaller plate than I expected at the main focus of the 100 inch - not much bigger than a 35mm frame.

The Lincoln Memorial at night.

The National Botanical Garden greenhouses were an unexpected treat. Here is some exotic flower polite enough to bend down to where I could set my little tripod.

All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame. With Walgreens Studio 35mm ISO 400 film. Much prefer the ISO 200, and have mail ordered some Fuji now that my local Walgreens no longer carries the slower stock

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