Sunday, November 26, 2017

Post-European Mosquito Hill

On our trip abroad, we looked at a lot of art from practically the entire span of humans making it.  I wonder if it changed the way Mosquito Hill looks to The Populist?

We've been up there twice since our international adventure.

The low sun always creates dramatic lighting. I had to constantly remind myself that on our trip we were from four to six degrees farther north.

Didn't see a lot of Abstract Expressionists' paintings, but I keep seeing Abstract Expressionism hidden in everything.

I thought we were very restrained with the selfies.

Backlighting can make an exhibit look dramatic.

I learned that there's a lot of diversity in what people enjoy as art.  With that in mind here's a scene for the fans of diffracted flare.

Elements in a scene nicely separated by fortuitous light and shadow of the low sun plus that famous infinite depth of field during a moment of unusually still atmosphere.

We went again shortly before Halloween.

Looks like I'm still into the abstractionist thing.

By this time all the autumn color was pretty much over.

The duckweed stays green just about longer than anything else.

It can combine with the other scum in the oxbow to feed that abstractionist urge though.

Although you'd never know it from my pictures, there's a good bit of infrastructure at Mosquito Hill. This little treehouse is down in the quarry. (Farmer's daughter factoid: Many farms had a little quarry. Where do you think they got the stone foundations from?)  Adults not allowed, but they're planning to build a rather larger version cantilevered over the cliff behind me that should make a neat new place to set a tripod.

All with The Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame.

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  1. I continue to admire your persistent dedication to documenting one location over a long stretch of time. As if the pinhole cameras' extended exposure times were mirrored by the extended years you continue to return here.

    And I regret not having pursued such a project myself. But there's no better time than now! Thank you for the inspiration.