Monday, January 8, 2018

Ektar in the Evil Cube

The next modification I do to my cameras should be one of those little slots where you slide the flap from the film box to identify what you've got loaded in there.  Sometime pre-holidays, I loaded the Evil Cube with Ektar 100. I think I might have expected to do pictures outside.  Several weeks later I actually started shooting but I thought it was loaded with Portra 400.  They both have the light grey markings that are hard to see.

So I underexposed everything by two stops..  I thought the negatives looked thin, and then when I went to put them in the scanner I saw the Ektar marking and figured it out.

But ya gotta try to see if you can recover anything, and it turns out I got some images I like.  Ektar really doesn't like being underexposed so there's a lot of Carravagian shadows, and some shiftiness of the color that's kind of interesting.

Sarah’s animalmorphic lens.

Flowers from Andy for Sarah's birthday.

Fruit by the west kitchen window.

I can't seem to slice bread without going off at some crazy angle.

The tips of some flowers in a sunbeam through the south kitchen window.

Roses drying in a bowl.

The leaded glass window in the stairwell.

The afternoon before Christmas

An autumnal display that persisted into the holidays.

All with the Evil Cube.  .3mm pinhole 6cm from 6x6cm frame on Kodak Ektar 100.

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