Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Fogged negatives

There have been a series of cycles above and below freezing, so it's not surprising we're experiencing repeated occurences of dense fog.

The pictures done with Paterson the Pinhole Camera were all closeup. I thought it was worthwhile to try it outside with the enhanced atmospheric perspective.

If Ansel Adams can take all those pictures of Half Dome, I can keep taking pictures of the trees along Miller's Bay with Ames Point and Monkee Island in the background. I won't even bring up Claude Monet.

That was the only photograph I made that morning. It was uncomfortably cold, especially next to the lake. We had another episode of fog a week later, this time a little warmer. I must have been more inspired.

Blackstone Metal Works on North Main, where the landscape changes from city to industrial park.

The north side water tower.

The Fox Valley Photography Group's theme of Leading Lines was last month so I can photograph railroad tracks again. At the northern end of the industrial park, the siding next to Pacur Packaging.

Across the road looking in the other direction, another giant packaging plant, Amcor. I often think about how easy it would be for these places to make custom boxes for pinhole cameras in vast quantities.

The remnants of a mighty tree on the shore with hundreds of new shoots taking advantage of the location.

The old wooden boathouse at the Asylum Bay boat launch.

Looking south across the bay toward Oshkosh from Asylum Point. Not enough ice for any kind of vehicle but lots of people drag their plastic sleds out to fish in the mist.

The sun came out briefly while I was at Picnic Point, just before and then just after I made this exposure.

A shelter and a picnic table on the beach at the Winnebago County Park lagoon.

Just before I was going to put this pie in the oven, the sun came out.

The sunbeam also fell on my analog kitchen timer.

Paterson has hand-drilled .31mm pinholes, on the axis and 15mm above it, 6cm from a 6x6cm frame. The film is Kentmere 100 semistand developed in Rodinal 1:100.