Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October at Mosquito Hill

This post consists of three trips to Mosquito Hill, pretty much covering the autumnal transition.

I'm a sucker for two toned leaves.

For the last 8 years I've been selecting one view and following it through the seasons.  This year it was the switchback on the north path up the hill. Here's three images spanning the month of October. (We missed one week when we were in Boston between the first and second image)

Here's a more comprehensive view of that rock face to the left.

I'm always fascinated by the birches growing directly out of the rock.

For some reason, for about a twenty yard stretch up the north side of the hill this year, the ground has been covered with these maple seedlings, which also contribute a little to the autumn color.

The trees get most of the credit for autumn color, but there are other contributors nearer the ground.

There's a grand view looking southeast over the Wolf River valley, but it usually just seems to flatten out, but this day there was a dramatic sky with the foreground in shadow and the valley lit by the sun that gave more of the idea.

The other scene I've been following this year is the meadow south of the hill.  I've only got two weeks of that.  It's at the end of the walk and I came to the end of the roll on the last trip just before we got to it. I was having trouble with the tripod mount on the Populist and didn't want to reload so I could do surgery at  home, and I'm afraid I missed the most colorful week on the hill. (The surgery was successful and the Populist is back in action.)


All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame.


  1. Well done. Your longterm project is admirable. And I like this blog's look. I'm thinking about also starting a pinhole blog, but using it to go back through my archives.

    ~Joe Van Cleave

    1. I'm going to use the older material for blog material as well. As loquacious as I seemed on f295, I was always a little reticent to talk to much about why and how I was doing things, but now this could get a little dangerous.

  2. I like the leaf closeups. Very nice set over all though. Thanks for sharing. I'll put your blog on my reading list.

  3. What film did you use here? I quite like the colors.

    1. It's just identified as Fujifilm 200.