Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fun guys at Mosquito Hill.

I guess the warm and wet summer we had has something to do with it, but there seems to be a bumper crop of mushrooms at Mosquito Hill.  I was going to try to look them up and identify them, but there's over 600 varieties native to Wisconsin.

Stopped at the bottom for the slope that goes all the way to the top, and only after seeing the film, noticed that there were a bunch of mushrooms in the right hand foreground. They seem to favor clustering around the birches.

A classic toadstool

A group of toadstools with more dome-like tops.

A yellow-orange sunburst button group. Doesn't Gibson make Les Pauls with this color scheme?

We haven't been to Mosquito Hill as much as usual this year, but this is the scene near the double birch on the north path I picked last spring to follow through the seasons.

And it's partner looking down the path

The double birch featured in these scenes was the location of one of the more spectacular fungulous displays.

There were cascades of these things all over the place.

Probably the most impressive was this wiggly stripe across the path.

This was about the biggest of these shelfy things.

We encountered this rather large puffball in the meadow. (extra pinhole points for footography).

In other news, one of the old guys is looking a little late-Octoberish.

But there were some hangers on from the angiosperms.  These little purple asters are extremely tough and don't go away until they're under the snow.

The yellow flowers in the prairie are starting to get really crazy looking.

The oxbow is beginning to get a tinge of autumn.

And the frog pond, abstract as usual.

All with the Populist. .15mm pinhole 24mm from 24x36mm frame.

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