Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I have this tendency to work in series, but there's always a few miscellaneous pictures.

Cats supposedly sleep 20 hours a day, but it's unusual to catch them for long enough for an interior pinhole photo.

I bought an old tripod recently and and tried it out in the field to finish a roll on my way down to the camera store for processing.

A sailboat docked in Menomonie Park.

Miller's Bay.

In August I posted pictures of his house I took when we visited our friend John .  He reciprocated and visited us recently.

I'm not sure it's polite to remove your guest's head via long exposure.

And flowers are always a temptation.  I saw an exhibit of Imogen Cunningham's work last week, which included several of her flower images, which always inspire me.

A solitary rose.

And a cascade of anemone.

All with the Populist.  .15mm pinhole, 24mm from 24x36mm frame.

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