Monday, May 28, 2018

Stella goes visiting.

Went to Eau Claire to see Laura in a play and took Stella along for her first roll of color film.

The front of their house.  We gave Gene the basket to left of the door as a get-well gift after his recent surgery. He's doing well.

Their family room faces south and is often awash in sunbeams.  This was kind of early and the sun was shining through the leaded glass window just out of the frame to the east.

A topiary tree in the garden in front of "The Cottage."

A path protected by a pig with wings.

It's hard to tell what Gene's made and what someone else has.  I'm sure this sculpture on the chair is his.

All with Stella. .24mm pinhole 45mm from 6x9cm frame.  Ektar 100.

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