Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wide winter

In December, for what I anticipated would be holiday photos, I loaded Thin Lizzy and the Evil Cube with Lomo 100. The Evil Cube is still on frame one but I've finished the roll in Thin Lizzy.

Since it was sitting around full of film, I put it out for the lunar eclipse in addition to the 120 Stereo Populist.

The 90 degree angle of view includes more foreground which to me, makes a more interesting picture than the stereo version but of course without the 3D. The film is slower but the camera a little faster and again, the trail of the fully eclipsed moon is recorded and even a little of it's famous redness is apparent.

The only exposures prior to the eclipse were done during our annual lefse event when Andy and Kristin were here for the holidays.

A little closer view of the action.

After I finished the roll in the Stereo Populist, I went to Camera Casino in a snowstorm to get it developed. These variously colored ladders, next door at Kitz and Pfiel, covered in snow seemed like a good subject for color film.

The wind filled the screens with snow which turned our lanai into a soft light box. Note the transparency of the lee side.

Later in the day, the snow stopped but the wind didn't and cleared the screens again.

It is, of course, pretty. The shiny holiday spheres in the window box really stand out, reflecting all that brilliant snow.

Two days later the Polar Vortex drooped down on this side of the planet. We'd had a few hours of these temperatures a week ago, but four days of it, two of which had highs in the minus 20's (F), is a different thing altogether. Not just frost but layers of ice formed on some of the windows. (In case you're wondering, there is a storm window over this.)

Who needs an infrared camera to tell where the cool spots are?

I did one that had nothing to do with the time of year. Sarah did a more interesting version of the scene on Pinhole Day in 2012.

And to finish, I thumb my nose at Old Man Winter with some sun-lit produce in front of the frosty window.

Thin Lizzy has a hand-drilled .20mm pinhole 30mm from a 6x6cm frame.

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