Monday, November 4, 2019

The Manic Expression Cube on Washington Island

Since it was cold and misty while we were in Door County it was necessary to wear a jacket. As well as carrying the Evil Cube on the full size tripod, it was no trouble to carry the Manic Expression Cube and a tabletop tripod in a pocket.

The sunset over Green Bay from the arm of a deck chair right by the shore. I also did a wider view of the scene with the Evil Cube from the window in our room a few minutes later.

The little tripod on the floor, looking down the west facing hallway of the Sunset Resort. I did a version of this with Neville from a table farther back.

We stopped at the largest lavender farm in the Midwest, just about all of which you can see in this image. Amazing the quantity and variety of products that come out of these couple acres. A little late in the season to have a croissant sandwich and lavender tea on the patio.

The Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum is somewhat casually curated. It was no trouble finding a place to set the camera down. The place seems to be run by one former-fisherman/volunteer who is just to the right of the frame delivering a well rehearsed comedy routine about the name of one of the local fish to Gene and Laura. He repeated it to me about five minutes later. Other locals often hang out with him. I often remark that no one mentions my odd looking cardboard cameras but it wasn’t the case here. One of the regulars noticed and we had a conversation about photography. His pet peeve is when people walk around looking at a screen while recording a video and never actually looking at the places they’re visiting.

They also have a small house nearby preserved as a Fisherman’s cottage from the 1920’s.

A local resident brings her dog to the parking lot of School House Beach every day because she likes to get petted by all the tourists. She’s not happy until everyone in the group gives her a pat or two on the head.

A chunk of seaweed washed ashore on the smooth limestone rocks that make up the beach. There are only four other beaches like this in the world.

A few of these little cairns are piled up along the shore. They must be relatively persistent objects. We later went to the Art and Nature Center and they were featured in three artworks in different media.

The Manic Expression Cube has a .17mm pinhole 24mm from a 24x24mm frame. The film is Lomography 100.

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