Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Another try with a Little Guinness


The first camera I made to try out the self-adhesive labels and double sided adhesive sheets was this Little Guinness 35mm Populist. With just a single layer of the template in the back, the white Guinness logo passed enough light to be imprinted on almost every negative. I added a layer of backing paper from 120 film to the back, and to my great surprise, I still got light leaks on some of the negatives.

It only happened when the camera was in the sun for a long time and doesn’t match the design on the packaging. I thought the front of the camera was sufficiently light proofed by the tape holding the pinhole on, but there may be a small gap. The entire interior is going to get a layer of 3M#235 Opaque Photographic tape before it gets another roll of film.

But it did take a pretty extreme exposure to cause the light leak so I did get a few images. It is kind of a nice pinhole - hand drilled, .17mm.

We went to Olbrich Gardens in Madison. They have lots of exotic flowers.

An exotic potted plant on a brick courtyard double exposed on a hen and chicks.

Andy and Kristin came for a visit. I set the camera up when were having breakfast in the dining room. Andy is completely obscured by my figure and Kristin is totally cropped off at the left!

I did a better job when we went to lunch at Beckets, on the Fox River where we could watch the drawbridge.

Another day we went to lunch at the Fox River Brewing Company which has outdoor seating on the Fox.

It’s also right next to another drawbridge. This was the middle of the week so not much boat traffic, so neither drawbridge went up while we were watching.

The main disadvantage to the outdoor seating at Fox River Brewing is you have to get your beer in plastic glasses.

We went to see the Paine Gardens nearby.

Kaleidoscopes pointed at potted plants are a popular feature in public gardens. The kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster, who was also the first person to mention that he had taken a photograph with a pinhole. This is with the pinhole held up to the eyepiece of the kaleidoscope. 

A low angled view of a stone globe decorating the paths through the gardens.

The new formal garden.

While we were there a rather large and elaborate wedding ceremony was in it’s early stages despite it being Thursday afternoon. A team of three professional photographers were taking close-ups of the bouquets. They eyed me quizzically while I wrapped the little Joby tripod around an arbor, but they kept working on the flowers.

Little Guinness has a .17mm pinhole 24mm from a 24x36mm frame. Kodacolor 200.

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  1. Well done, Nick! These are superb pictures!