Saturday, April 29, 2023

South Side Sweetie


In a fit of paranoia, I felt the need for one more camera in case the local populace beat down the doors for my Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Workshop in Appleton (Turns out I have plenty).

We have a standing order with Oaks Candy for a selection of their historic chocolates. They're packed in sturdy white boxes. All my pinhole supplies are stored in them. My experience with white cardboard is that it's very hard to make truly light-tight. One day as we broke down one of the boxes for recycling, I noticed that it's grey cardboard with a white covering and actually pretty opaque.

The cardboard is thicker than most product packaging. It makes a sturdy box but it required a little on-the-fly adjustment to make it fit right.

As it happened, we needed a resupply the next day. Very satisfying to make the camera's first exposure of the front of their South Side headquarters.

The window on the right is still festooned with Easter decorations featuring this giant foil wrapped bunny with two similarly oversized rabbits with their chocolate more exposed.

Some days the mail is more enlightening than others. It would not be inaccurate to describe this scene as illuminated by a star beam.

Out after a different kind of sweet, I stopped for pastries at the Thunderbird Bakery in the Beach Building. The main entrance is at the side near the parking lot, but you can come in through this little lobby behind the formal historic front entrance.

Back across the river to the camera's native South Side. Several years ago, I did a photograph of the beautifully lit, but dilapidated back of La Luz del Mundo Church. Since then the congregation has restored the building to pristine condition.

All winter the shadows of bare trees have been a key feature of my photographs. The vernal transition is now occurring, modifying both the trees and their shadows as they bud and leaf out.

One of those awakening trees in front of the city Transportation Department.

There is one rather large bay off the Fox River leading to some pastoral scenes right in the middle of the city.

Despite working at the University for thirty years and once doing a long video project with community leaders to raise funds to transform it into the Oshkosh Sports Complex, I've never been in Titan Stadium before.

My bicycle looking triumphant in the skate park with the medieval looking barrier atop Garbage Hill, a man made sledding slope, rising above it.

A return to the north side of the Fox for the arched entrance of the Paine Art Center from the parking lot.

South Side Sweetie has a .27mm hand-drilled pinhole 45mm from a 6x6cm frame. The film is 100 semistand developed in Rodinal 1:100. I forgot to get more instant coffee to make Cafennol with.

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