Monday, July 24, 2023

Student of Large Format Pinhole.

Changing bag in his backpack, the student of antique film large format pinhole photography again sets forth.

No families with goslings around so the Aquabike dock was accessible.

About 8 hours after I made this exposure of the shadows and the S-curve of the train ride in Menomonee Park, there was a discussion of future monthly themes at the Fox Valley Photography Group. One suggestion was Leading Lines and other compositional methods to direct the eye. Comments ended with the joke "No railroads."

I was already planning to change to the super-wide 38mm slot when I saw the square table in this sunbeam. I had to race it to get the camera reloaded in time before the beam moved on.

With the door on the other side, the bridgetender's house on the Oshkosh Ave./Congress St. bridge looks more severe than the others.

The Dry Biodigester at the University, a green initiative I heard about in many meetings. There's a weird texture to the light. On one of these, I forgot to close the zipper on the inner bag and the velcro flap was the only barrier. Doesn't look like that kind of fogging though, and oddly looks like a reflection of the sky.

Another lagoon, this time off the south side of the Fox river, full of water lillies, again with the textured sky. Typical of taking advantage of partly cloudy skies, it was at least 10 minutes before my foreground was sunlit but I could see it coming from across the water and be ready for it.

Clearing the table after dinner, I wondered what it would look like with an exposure of the half hour before sunset and the half hour after sunrise. 8pm to 6am. Probably not much contribution from the waxing crescent moon.

Maybe expecting too much latitude from the film in the art alley. It probably didn't look much different when Lewis Hine grew up here. He was born the year before the great fire, so it was new then.


The side corner of the Recreation Gym is just 4 meters from another building and required the closest setting to the pinhole as I could get.

The sunshade screens extending from The Student Success Center seemed like a good large format subject.

What do architects think when they have to transform the back of a classic deco building into the front entrance near the parking lot? There were a few garages and stately homes back here when it was built.

As predicted, getting my arms in the the double elastic sleeves of the Paterson changing bag has gotten easier, but my continual thought while doing it is still how much trouble it is. Not quite halfway through the box of film, and I have 22 sheets of 400 after that.

The 4x5 Pinhole Lab Camera has slots for the film plane at 38, 60, 90, and 120mm (56° to 118°). The pinholes in separate mounts can be changed as appropriate. The forty year-old Plus-X was semistand developed in Rodinal, diluted 1:100.

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