Friday, April 19, 2024


For a future project of another blogger, I recently made a bespoke 35mm Populist. Since next week I'll be celebrating a major holiday, in order to verify the little camera, an early nod to Halfoween. I loaded a roll about as long as my forearm from my bulk roll of undead Tri-X.

A moderate defense in certain situations unless your mother doesn't understand and cleans it up.

Dried roses are almost immortal.

Night Flight.

Medieval protection from evil.


That's the way I like it, baby.

Inspiration from Stoker and Gorey.

Batty box and page edges.

The camera has a .18mm hand-drilled pinhole 24mm from a 24x36mm frame. The ageless Tri-X was semistand developed in some pretty long-in-the-tooth Rodinal 1:100.

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