Thursday, April 4, 2024


Continuing the testing of the Populist templates with the new image chamber box, this time at 45mm.

Sarah and I have recently become enamoured with the serving convenience, portion control, no-messy-cleanup and creamy deliciousness of ice cream bars. In the rotation are some from our friends from Orlando in the iconic form of mouse ears.

The design on the package is asymetrical. I've rejected it several times while choosing material to make a camera. Finally, I decided to put the mouse on the taking shutter, the ice cream bar on the counter and then just fit the rest where it happened to go. Several of the boxes were available so I could use Mickey on the side viewfinders and feature the name on the top viewfinder and WinderMinder.

This is definitely the modern mouse that is still protected by copyright and trademark. No copying going on here, but Disney has occasionally bristled at fan art. Andy accused me of "going for that prized cease and desist letter."

Regular viewers will have noticed we have great affection for Minnie and Mickey.

Minnie, Mickey and the Sorcerer's Apprentice visit the alabaster Buddha.

Love to eat them mousies  

Mousies what I love to eat 

Bite they little heads off

Nibble on they tiny feet

- B. Kliban  

Enough of this Mickey Mouse photography.

A bird's nest from last season under a spring snowfall. (n.b. It's been snowing a lot since the Vernal equinox.)

I arrived in Kaukauna early for the Fox Valley Photography Group meeting. Instead of the front door, I entered the library through the lower level staircase. This is the emergency only landing on the second floor.

A 12 foot skeleton anticipating summer with a pail and a beach ball.

I photographed this wall a few years ago, but from the other side of the massive tree which is casting the shadow, whose trunk obscured most of this equipment.

This camera has no rising front but you can get a two story scene with a level camera if one of the stories is below ground.

A big digger on an oddly idle street construction site on Friday morning.

This season's inhabitants on the quilt rack up stairs.

Showing off the latitude of the film with the black ribbons and another kind of mouse in Sarah's studio.

To help me during the lousy weather, two pomes, a berry and a hesperidium working together against gravity to make a fruitful composition for my last frame.

The Mousekermat has a hand-drilled .30mm pinhole 45mm from a 6x6cm frame. The film is Kentmere 400 semistand developed in Rodinal 1:100.

This is one of the cameras you can use if you come to Photo Opp in Appleton on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

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