Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shut-in challenge

Since I did my usual 35mm, Populist, documentary schtick for my last knee surgery, I didn't want to repeat myself.  I loaded two 6x6 cameras, the 45 I made last fall and the Evil Cube, with Portra 400. I imagined I would be doing interiors. I ended up only taking the 45 with me to the hospital, and took only one picture there, the rest done in the upstairs in my house.  I was kinda whiny about it in that post, but I did enjoy taking the pictures.  When I finished the roll in the 45, I still had 11 frames left in the Evil Cube.

A challenge!  Can you find 11 more interesting pictures in three adjacent rooms?

I did take one picture downstairs with it before we went to the hospital - the black folder from the lawyer with the Power of Attorney and Living Will. They do include death as one of the possible outcomes in the agreement which gives them permission to do surgery, and ask that they have copies of these documents on record.

I survived. Didn't need them.  I am actually healing. My physical therapist applied this modernist pattern of thin strips of tapes to my knee which is suppose to minimize swelling a couple weeks post-op. It seems to work. I was intending to feature the surgical leg in this picture, but I missed.  I like the composition that resulted though.  Pinhole serendipity.

If you're supposed to sit in bed all day, you need pillows, and an iPad helps.

Sitting here I'm looking right at the closet door handle, upon which Sarah occastionally hangs a blouse.

Right next to that is the curtain tie.

I usually sleep on the other side of the bed so I must view this scene often going around the bed, but for some reason I never visualize the room from this angle.

The temperature has varied considerably, and this fuzzy blanket has seen service.

Occasionally a sunbeam falls on the moldings between the bedroom door and the hall closet.

My short walks every hour or so during the day go seven steps, due east and west, from one end of the hallway and Andy's bedroom and back repeatedly. This is the western end looking out the back through the prismatic wind chime whose magic was featured last week, and announcing the season, several bunnies.

About halfway is the quilt rack with Sarah's grandmother's quilt, crowned with more bunnies

Directly across from it, the laundry chute.  Planned to get this more square, but, and maybe this is rationalization, I kind of like the crazy off-center, twisted composition.

And at last, reaching the eastern terminus at the front windows, the magnolia has been in the process of blossoming.

All with the Evil Cube. .29mm pinhole 6cm from 6x6cm frame on Portra 400.

I'm really enjoying this camera.  You can keep your Hasseblad.

It would be interesting to see others do the three adjacent room challenge. What room are you in?

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