Thursday, June 6, 2019

An ignored roll in the Evil Cube

I mentioned in previous post that I had loaded the Evil Cube in early December but never quite got around to taking photographs with it. I don't really know why, this camera was one of my favorites last year. It's not like it was hidden in a drawer - it was mounted on a tripod next to the piano for the most of winter.

I finally used it during a snow storm in February.

Immediately after this, I made virtually the same exposure with a 35mm Populist which started a three post manic fit. On close inspection you could tell which camera made which image but it's not immediately obvious.

During the winter bleakness, this flowering primrose was a welcome spot of color.

Sometime in March, I took it on a bike ride to catch the surf on Lake Winnebago.

It came with me to Massachussets to get a portrait of the new homeowners. The yard slopes down to the street so the rising pinhole was necessary to get the framing I wanted.

The back of the house also needed the rising pinhole to keep the fenestration rectilinear. I love the blue reflections in the tops of the upstairs windows.

On Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, before Sarah finished this roll, I did one insurance shot with this camera, lest something go amiss with the film in the camera I was using. It was my second favorite Pinhole Day photo.

The Evil Cube has a .3mm pinhole 6cm from a 6x6cm frame. The film is Lomography 100.

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