Monday, June 21, 2021


Analog photographers often have the issue of having some frames left when they finish covering an event or complete some project. It’s a problem, an opportunity and a responsibility.  I had a few frames left in the Evil Cube and The Populist when we got home from Massachusetts on Tuesday, and had to get the film to Camera Casino by Thursday.

First to finish the Evil Cube.

We’re a little behind Massachusetts in the growing season. Our peonies were still tightly balled up and rhododendrons can’t handle our mid-winter temperatures. What we do have are daisies. The city declared No-mow May this year to give the pollinators a boost. We couldn’t quite handle the dandelions in the front yard, but we let the garden go, dominated by a profusion of daisies.

A very closeup view.

Switching to the Populist, a more dynamic and documentary view.


When we were at the garden center this spring, Sarah asked me if I’d like to try cabbages twice.  I didn’t realize that she was asking about separate varieties.

I had a chance to go out on the Wiowash Trail. The Queen Anne’s Lace and the Wild Phlox were way ahead of their garden cousins.

We don’t often have native rock poking out of the ground like they do in the Boston area, but occasionally you see a big one lying around.  This one lies between the trail, which is a former railroad right-of-way, and one of the numerous Viking Quarries in the area.  Hard to tell whether it’s a glacial erratic or the result of the construction of the railroad or the quarry,

The Evil Cube has a .3mm hand-drilled pinhole 6 cm from a. 6x6cm frame. The film is Ektar 100

The Populist has .15mm Gilder Electron Microscope Aperture 24mm from a 24x36mm frame. Fujicolor C200.

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