Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Populist on the South Shore

The other 35mm camera I took with me to Massachusetts was The Populist, the camera I've carried with me everywhere for a dozen years. The last time I used it was in an episode of manic expression in 2019.

The first microbrewery destination after lunch with Neville was Barrel House Z, the maker of those stunt beers we enjoyed a few days ago. This is a severe crop of a fairly thin negative that overlapped with the next image, which is fairly dense. I had only wound it about five clicks for some reason.

I can only see a faint wisp of a double exposure on this image. We had intended to go to one of their favorites, Widowmaker Brewery in Braintree, but the newly maskless vaccinated Bostonians had filled up the regular and auxiliary parking lots. We went on to Bin Ends wine store just down the street with a really extensive selection of European wines, artisan whiskeys, craft beers and a couple cases of Bud Light and Coors just in case.

Later on, Andy rolling out the lefse.

Baking the lefse. Almost all lefse equipment in North America comes from Bethany Products in Iowa, but Andy got his lefse flipping stick on a sweltering day we spent in Portland, Maine.

Eating the lefse with Pork Tenderloin and quickly pickled cucumbers.

The weather moderated a little on Memorial Day. I got out the Evil Cube. This is another winding error - this time the whole frame is overlapped. I used a mild expletive when I realized what I had done and was chided for dismissing the possibilities of double exposures.

It’s hard to imagine most of the time, but when anticipating running after a toy, Greyson can hold for pinhole exposures rather well, although not exactly where you want him to be.

You don’t really get long enough to move and adjust the tripod very precisely but occasionally everything lines up.

Sarah just happened to take a picture of Andy and I bowing to him in the process. 

I switched back to the The Populist with the little Joby tripod on the ground which allowed for a little quicker placement.

We finally realized you could fix his gaze wherever you held the ball.

The densely populated South Shore looks like it might be the edge of a rural area because there are large forested areas threaded among the neighborhoods, often featuring the native rock of the region.

The dominant visual all over were the brilliant rhododendrons ranging from potted plants to large trees. This one was resting on a fence post in their neighborhood..

Lunch at Sombrero’s Restaurant. The high divider between the booths that the tripod was attached to was kind of a makeshift pandemic affair and noticeably swayed back and forth.

Down to the actual shore to Untold Brewing in Scituate. I’m surprised that the tasting rooms of these microbreweries usually feature an industrial warehouse vibe and not an intimate colonial pub. Untold also had this quaint little schoolhouse-like room, which unfortunately had bad accoustics and four enthusiastic school children being audibly directed in some game by their parents.

Kristin is an elementary ed special education teacher. We escaped to the less historic but sonically more tolerable environment. I guess beer doesn't wait for a holiday. Twice while we were there a guy climbed the stairs and took some measurements.

Kristin took us to the Scituate Light House which she has often visited since childhood. One of her aunts lived nearby. I had the Evil Cube along. Very dramatic blustery weather fit for a seaside mystery.

A long jetty which defines the harbor extends out into Cape Cod Bay.

Back to the Populist, a more panoramic treatment, although the vertical angle of view of both cameras are the same.

We stopped for dinner at Nguyen's Kitchen, a Vietnamese restaurant in Cohasset. By this time the weather was mostly clear. After our meal - during this exposure - as I was indisposed, the lights and the music went out. One of those times that it pays to be used to being in totally dark rooms. The emergency lights came on after a second or two. Power was out in the whole town. We never did find out what happened but surprisingly had enough cash on us to pay for dinner.

At security at Logan, I forgot to take my Kindle out of my back pack so it had to have a complete examination. The agent was curious about my cameras. He correctly identified the shutter and conjectured that the winders had something to do with focus.

Waiting to board a 737. United really stuffs people in there. The Canadair Jet we took between O’Hare and Appleton was much more comfortable.

Waiting for beverages at Chili’s Too at O’Hare, complying with the continual announcements to wear your face masks in the terminal and on the aircraft, unless you’re actively eating or drinking. During the entire pandemic, neither of us had to wear a mask for more than a half hour to go into a store. It was kind of revelation to have to keep them on all day. Notice the beautiful summer weather outside the terminal.

The Populist has a .15 Gilder Electron Microscope Aperture, 24mm from a 24x36mm frame. Fujicolor C200.

The Evil Cube has hand-drilled .3mm pinholes, one on the axis, one 10mm above the axis, 6cm from a 6x6cm frame. Ektar 100.

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