Tuesday, October 26, 2021

LUMP East in a local sculpture garden

When the sun is roughly opposite to the position in the sky where it will be on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, the League of Upper Midwest Pinholers traditionally meets on Sunday morning for a photowalk. I've always aspired to commune with them on these occasions. The four and a half hour drive has always been an obstacle but I've tried to do something in solidarity while they were meeting in the Twin Cities.

This year's location was the sculpture garden of the Walker Art Center in the middle of Minneapolis. Most of the local botanical gardens have one or two sculptures and there are some sites near Milwaukee that are described as sculpture gardens, but that's also a considerable drive.

I'll just have to see what can be done and imagine what kind of photographs might have been made if I were out west with them.

Standing in for Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's Spoon Bridge with Cherry, one of our Scandinavian-designed Maya tablespoons with a cherry tomato.

I made a foamcore LUMP to act as Robert Indiana's LOVE. 

I hope I don't get sued by Robert Indiana's estate for this, but it seems to me like a derivative work. I'd gladly give them all the money I earn from this photograph, although maybe that would make my blog go viral.

The door stop from our back door and a steel document box in place of Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch.

My cardboard tripod for the Pinhole Lab Camera substituted for Mark di Suvero's Arikidea.

Inspired by Flatpak in the Garden by Lazor Office, which I can't find a direct link to, a roll of Acros 100 and a little platform made for an iPhone microscope to inspect pinholes.

My response to Scott Burton's Seat-Leg Table reveals something about my hybrid approach to the negative/positive process.

The foam insert from a set of headphones whose box I may make a camera out of someday. Sort of a combination of Sol LeWitt's X with Columns and Oldenberg's Geometric Mouse - Scale A.

After Cowles Pavilion and Regis Promenade (again with the no direct link).

Elwood of course has no peer in the Walker collection but is sort of related to Hare on Bell on Portland Stone Piers by Barry Flanagan

Also unique to our lanai, the ensemble on the bottom shelf of the baker's rack.

The group photo.

And fulfilling that uniquely eastern ritual of the official footograph, this radical interpretation with My Blue Suede Shoes which I wore throughout the project.

Can't wait to see the pictures from Minneapolis.

All with the 45mm front of the the Variable Cuboid, .27mm hand-drilled pinhole. Ilford Delta 400 semi-stand developed in Rodinal 1:100, except for the footograph which I again forgot to do before I ran out film, which was done with the 4x5 Pinhole Lab Camera at 75mm. .34mm pinhole on Arista.edu #2 Glossy, developed in the Rodinal used for the film.

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  1. Outstanding, Nick! My images are developed, but not yet scanned. One of these times you will surprise us with an in-person appearance!