Friday, May 3, 2019

Philly in Massachusetts

After our epic road trip last fall, this spring we decided to go visit the kids the easy way and let Southwest Airlines do the driving. Philly was up in the rotation.

At Logan, waiting for Andy and Kristin to get from the cell phone lot to the terminal to pick us up.

Andy making Chicken Kiev.

Eating the Chicken Kiev.

Some tourism the following day.

Pizza in Worchester for lunch.

There was a microbrewery next door.

It was a very nice day. We got a flight and sat outdoors.

Hilly Holy Cross College, Kristin's alma mater.

We got home when the sun was at that low angle that all the photography books tell you to look for.

They have a giant back yard, a fenced in garden and solar panels on the roof. Last month their electric bill was minus $56.

It also came with lots of bulbs and perennials.

The view east.

Jeremy is extraordinarily happy about living there.

The low sun also works through the windows in the kitchen.

Sunbeams streaming through the colander.

The next day we went to Plymouth to go on a whale watching cruise. The weather was not so nice. Low 40's and raining when we set off. High winds and big swells out on Cape Cod Bay. Not a pleasure cruise but we did see a fin whale and bunch of humpbacks quite close up.

Pinhole photography with a cardboard camera is not well suited to a rolling, pitching boat with the occasional wave breaking over the deck. As we approached the shore,  I got outside to catch this guy posing on the bow.

Philly has a .15mm pinhole 24mm from a 24x36mm frame.

Next, Neville goes to the city.

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  1. Great set of images. I always enjoy your work, Nick. Keep it up!